Tutorial: Lining crocheted potholders with old jeans

I love crocheting potholders. They’re great instant gratification projects, and are perfect to use up small remnants of cotton yarns in all colors of the rainbow, making great gifts on top of all.

how to line crochet potholders with old jeans


But. Sometimes I’m not patient enough to crochet twice the same pattern and make them double-thick, resulting in potential burned fingers.. which undoubtedly goes against the initial purpose of potholders.
Thus, enters the super easy lining of your pretty crocheted potholders with… old jeans !! Cheap, no-fuss and super easy. Jeans fabric is naturally thick and resistant, making it perfect for that use: I doubled crocheted potholders with an pair of jeans, and finally, Hooray !!! we can use them everyday and never get burned fingers anymore !!! 😀

Note: The potholders shown in this tutorial, my “Carr

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