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Every now and again, I’ll translate a french pattern that’s a bit more complicated… and one potential issue is definitively this “endroit” versus “envers” issue. I won’t go in detail about this particular issue yet, but thought it would be a good idea to go back to basics, with those words quite specific to the french knitting lingo.
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3 thoughts on “How do you knit: “

  1. Miranda Reply

    Thank you for your very helpful articles on how to translate French knitting patterns! I was looking at Muriel Agator’s books and patterns and wondered if I could manage to figure them out. I think I might be able to with the help of your French knitting dictionary:)

    • Administrator Reply

      Merci Miranda ! I’m glad if that helps 🙂

      Et whoups Nathatlie, oui tu as raison je me suis embrouillée les pinceaux ! Je corrige ça dans la foulée !! 😛

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