Old t-shirt becomes new funky nightgown

This t-shirt, in size 3 yo, used to be one of the top favorites in our household. Matryoshkas, and a pretty lime color with a glimpse of red, what’s not to love ?!!!
It’s becoming really short for my second daughter though, and I tried to take it out of her drawers. Several times she snatched it again, this time I took it back. Time for a second life !

After a couple quiet hours this afternoon (thanks L. for taking the girls out!), it’s now become a pretty and funky new nightgown, which will still fit her for a year or two: 3/4 sleeves are great for a nightgown ! 🙂
I made so many of those for the girls (and a friend too), and tried so many different options, & a’m really happy with the way I make them now. I took in-progress photos this time, and am hoping to write down a tutorial, including the elasticized bias around the cut collar.
Isn’t it the pretties thing ?!! I love that whenever I make a new one, I just can’t stop looking at i: I love this dotted fabric, love the collar and the bottom appliqu

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