Nuno felting: first experiment

I recently bought several books on felting, and decided it was time to experiment with this dyed-and-accidentally-felted wool batt I’ve kept for years( Dying a merino batt with the microwave method doesn’t work… unless your purpose is to make pretty felt ! 🙂
FeltingScarf Nuno4
Anyways, so I got a piece of pretty orange sheer fabric. Set the merino half-felted batt on top. Started the nuno-felting process until the fibers started to get through fabric.

Nuno3 Nuno1 Nuno2
Then today, I got on to step 2: machine-embroidered various freestyle shapes (if you look hard enough you’ll see a heart motif in that first pic) and a wavy border, to make sure both layers would stick together no matter what … as I’m not 100% sure of my Nuno felting yet.
It also adds a lot to the charm of the finished piece !

I felted the wool again, once the embroidery was all done. One run in the washing-machine, and I’ll be ready for the finishing: not too sure how to work the edgings yet. Oh. And decide what this will be. A scarf maybe, that would be the easy option. 😉
The hood of the Jehanne capelet (adult version of the Ermeline) was all done yesterday. Except I’m frogging it again for a perfect fit. It should be done again tonight, there’s a good program on tv… 😉 Then it will be onto the body of the capelet… Can’t wait ! 😛

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