Slowly getting back to normal life, spinning etc..

So, I’ve been resting a lot this week, taking naps, spinning some, reading some, and slowly going back to normal life. The operation went really well, and apart from tiredness the first days and more fragile vocal cords (they’re close to the thyroid and probably got a bit disturbed by this new configuration in my neck), I’m all good.

I started a new artyarn with some beautiful batts sent by Christina in the Fiber Swap Club. As usual, I’m doing some thick-and-thin autowrapped singles, along with cocoons here and there and a few added metal hearts. The huge cone of laceweights comes from my local thrifstore (just as the orange did, I boughts tons of them in different colors, and so glad I did).

I visited my friend Berry the other day (so cool to have a fellow crochet designer around, we always talk about tons of stuff, on top of she being such a cool friend) and she said she never got around actually spinning the roving I had dyed for her. Funny how some people immediately fall in love with spinning, and others don’t. So anyways, I spun the roving for her and will bring it back to her.. She’s in love with Colinette yarns so I tried to do a simple thick-and-thin,

3 thoughts on “Slowly getting back to normal life, spinning etc..

  1. val Reply

    good to hear your well – Maud is so cute – loving the granny sqrs – i didnt have any luck getting some metallic hooks – so looks like i might have to go to etsy – or shop around online here in OZ 🙁

  2. Emily & Cole Reply

    LOVE the squares! We can’t wait. And Maud is so big! Wow. She looks great in her new top.

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