Gallery updated: send me Your pics !

So I finally saw a feature on WordPress allowing me a choose a smaller size for my pics (or maybe the feature was added lately, because I really feel like I had looked and couldn’t find anything), so I finally took the time to update my Gallery !! 😀

Which brings me to this: I always love to see what you made with my patterns, and would love to add new pics to the Gallery. Send me Your pics before march 15th 31st and I’ll give a 50% discount on your next purchase of a ChezPlum pattern !

This will apply to any purchased ChezPlum pattern. You’ll get 50% per FO of one of my patterns. For instance, if you send pics of 2 Roselette tops, that’ll be 50+50= 100% discount = 1 pattern for free !! 🙂
The discount will be via a partial refund, after you mention the pics you sent in the notes to seller in your paypal invoice.

You can also send pics of FOs made from my free patterns, but they’ll “only” give you a 20% discount on purchases of ChezPlum patterns.

Any questions, just ask ! I hope to add a lot of pics soon !! 🙂
just email them to sylvie -AT-chezplum-DOT-com

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