Granny love

When designing new patterns, I like to have a look at a million pictures of related-or-not projects, as it seems to help decide what I actually look for in that new design. As some of you may have figured, I’m on this total granny-square kick lately. So I’ve been hunting the internet, looking for all sorts of vintage beauties.
Here’s some of my collection so far. Should have a few more coming in soon, can’t wait ! 🙂
(& btw, if you have some and could be interested by a swap of sorts, for maybe patterns, or handspun yarn, or french mags/yarn, just drop me a line ! 😛 )

My friend Emily was a bit surprised last week to see me knitting during SnB… 😉 But yep, I finally realised that I won’t be wearing a closed collar. What I really want/need is a shawl, even if it ends up being a mini-shawl. Plus the feather and fan comfort shawl has been in my top-priority-list for a while. End of cowl, knitting away on the shawl, and with no regrets, I just LOVE how the feather and fan works with handspun. Am now a few rows further, I hope to show you a finished shawl next week ! 🙂 (Rav link)
However, I also indirectly crocheted some, as Claudia asked me (during same SnB) to teach her to crochet. She picked it up real quick too, look how she’s already creating her own projects ! 😀

Also spinning some these days, as I got myself sucked in by the very textured-batts I got in the latest round of the Rav’ Fiber Swap Club. At first I wasn’t so sure I’d like this flashy novelty yarn thrown in with brown and white pure wool, but I actually ADORE how it turns out, so textured and unpredictable with white lumps and bits of color here and there. Love it.
And on the right is the first skein of yarn spun from Rowen’s textured batts, also from the fiber swap club. Gorgeous colors. (the itsy bitsy blue skein is from my huge Ugly batt. Just a test. But I can tell this one will give textured yarn too.. 😉

2 thoughts on “Granny love

  1. Claudia Reply

    Toujours plein d’idées!

    Merci de m’avoir appris a crocheter… maintenant, la prochaine étape est savoir décider ce que je veux faire!

  2. Cynalune Reply

    Je suis dégoûtée, mes parents ont jeté la collection de Mon Ouvrage Madame de ma grand-mère qui allait des années 50 à 70, ça aurait été pile ce qu’il te faut 🙁

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