Pattern for Granny mitts

It’s here, the pattern for the Granny Mitts is up for grabs !

Price : US$ 5.00

I’d love to see pics of your mitts ! 😛

I am quite stoked by the enthusiastic comments I got on Crafster, and they just got featured on the Crochet Liberation Front Blog : they gave us a “Hookalicious award”.. yeah !! 😀

In other news, somebody pointed a little mistake in the Roselette top pattern that had remained unseen by all until now (Round 10 never existed). Send me a note if you purchased the pattern and would like the updated version.

1 thought on “Pattern for Granny mitts

  1. Sylvana Reply

    Congrats on a your new pattern. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate as a tester this time, too busy to commit and I know you wanted it rightaway.


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