A little thought for him… and more fiber

Please have a thought this morning for laurent, my husband, who is being operated on. Nothing major, but a very delicate operation on his lower jaw that requires a complete anesthesia.. and I’m just a bit worried about that.
ETA: Thanks for the kind comments, he’s fine (even though tired and angry because the operation didn’t work as planned and he needs to be operated again.. at least it will only be local anesthesia this time !!)

I’ve been kind of crazy busy all week on my new “day job” (which should actually be an all-day job) but we’re really glad that it’s starting quite well and people seem to enjoy the site. I did progress a bit on my crochet blankie, and remodified my handspun capelet-cowl a bit… Pictures coming later when I’ve progressed more.
The fantastic package shown above is the third installment of the Ravelry fiber swap: Rowen outdid herself and sent me the most awesome fiber, 3 batts of colorful bamboo/wool carded only once to keep it textured (Yay !! Plus I’ve been dreaming about trying to spin some bamboo! 😀 ), another batt of softest cormo (cool, I’ve heard lots of good things about it !) and there’s still more, some wool/silk roving blend… I’m just stoked ! 😀

I also finally dyed more fiber (to send my last package for the same swap): because I’ve lent my microwave oven to my friend N. who just moved in, I had to take all the fiber and dyes with me along last week-end in my gran’s place. I tried new colors this time.. Some of it I’ll probably have to keep for myself as it’s sooo pretty.. 😉

4 thoughts on “A little thought for him… and more fiber

  1. val Reply

    Sylvie loving the rovings – i should have joined your swap 🙁 oh well maybe next time 😉 I hope things went well with Laurents operation.

  2. val Reply

    thanks for the email – its 6pm here i forgot about the time difference *lol* and other swap you say! – ok i will go see what its all about over on Ravelry now – 😉

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