Pattern download now thru Ravelry, and more spinning

I kept having troubles with the pattern download system so I’ve now moved it all so the downloads go through Ravelry. Don’t fret though, apparently there’s no need to be a Rav’ member to be able to buy a pattern (but is there anybody still not in Ravelry anyways ..? 😛 ) If anybody has any problem with this new system, please get back to me asap of course !

The spinning part on the bottlegreen fiber is done, and after the tedious center-pull-ball making (yes, I stil don’t have a yarn winder. That will come, someday..) now is the fun part: plying ! 😀 I know several people seem to prefer the kick-spindle for plying but to me it’s really easier on the drop spindle: I get a better view and feel of it to know exactly how much I should ply it.

And I’ll leave you with yet more yummy fibery goodness: Falklands handpainted combed top from the lovely Tasha (august parcel of Fiber swap club), and some fantastic textured batts I treated myself with, from FeltStudioUK. They took a little longer than I thought to arrive (hey, UK is not that far, seen from France) but they are really fantastic and I look forward to spinning them !

Lots more fiber (and some handspun) to show but that will have to wait till some next time. (you can have a glimpse of some on Flickr already). Have a great week-end ladies ! 😀 (We’re going camping, can’t wait !)

2 thoughts on “Pattern download now thru Ravelry, and more spinning

  1. abehap Reply

    wow im sittin here looking at your flickr spinning pics through my Flock browser and they are lovely sylvie.

    did you do the tour de fleece this year? I did it was a lot of fun.

  2. ladylinoleum Reply

    I haven’t plied on my drop spindle. I use my wheel. I usually ply about 200 yards at a time. It takes me at least an hour, sometimes two to ply on my wheel. I wonder how long it would take me to ply on my spindle. I should try it! Your yarn and roving is beautiful!!

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