And suddenly.. a knitted FO !!

Nearly 2 years ago, like everybody else I fell in love with Stephanie Japel’s Simple knitted bodice. I don’t usually wear much white at all but at the same time two of my favorite sweaters are white mohair ones. I had this huge cone of white mohair in the stash, got gauge with it and started right away.

I knitted all the body of the sweater pretty fast, along with the knitalong on Crafster
Then suddenly I wasn’t too sure about the sleeves.
I was going for long sleeves, but didn’t like the lace panel in the middle. So I thought about plain sleeves sans-lace, but couldn’t make my mind : what if it didn’t work with the sweater ?
Somewhere along that line (and the fact that it was too fitting for my taste), I lost my motto and it got tucked in a bag sitting in a corner of the living-room with all the other WIPs. It stayed there nearly 2 years !!

Then suddenly on saturday I stumbled upon it, wondered if I should just frog the whole thing, tried it on.. and Ha !! The baby-belly and breastfeeding boobs are no longer there and it now fits me perfectly ! Also, I realised it’s calling to be a vest : no sleeves needed, I wear my vests a lot lately and love them ! And this mohair is so warm anyhow I’d be boiling in long sleeves…!

So I just took the needles, finished the sleeves with a couple purl ridges in a snap, and finished the collar today !! How’s that for a quick sweater..!! 😛

Now there’s one thing though, I’m really disapointed by this little whiter diamond at the bottom of the collar so I might try to redo the seams and cut some…

But apart from that it’s perfect ! Plus with the crappy weather we keep on having here, it’s the perfect sweater to wear inside;;! 😀
Details on Ravelry for the mods and stuff…

And you know what : knitting again felt so good I need to find another project to knit on. Or actually, I might try and finish a couple more WIPs… 😛

1 thought on “And suddenly.. a knitted FO !!

  1. Miriam Reply

    It looks great on you. I think your finishing decisions were just right. Why not think of the white diamond as a design element – use it to showcase a pin or do some subtle embroidery work on the diamond?

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