A raffle for my friend : lots of prizes !

So my friend has had a rough time this year, ever since she split from her ex in january. She’s living with her 4-year old and battles to work enough to pay the rent and put food on their table everyday. A couple of days ago she told me she might not be able to take a week of holidays in august as planned because she can’t afford it. And yet god knows she needs it, she’s just exhausted.

I try to help her as much as I can in many ways but of course she would never accept a dime from me directly … so I thought I’d try a a RAFFLE, with all the money going directly to her :

Buy a $2 ticket (or several !) and you could win:

– a set of ALL my knitting and crochet patterns (I will add more sets for every 15 tickets sold, so that’s a fair chance to grab one!)
one skein of handspun of your choice among those listed in my Etsy store
– One skein of handspun yarn custom made for you : I will dye roving and spin it according to your wishes !!

Price : $2 per ticket. Buy as many tickets as you wish, for more chances to win. Think about it, $2 for ALL of my patterns and/or handspun yarn custom yarn made for you ?!! That’s a good deal..!! 😛 (plus you’ll be helping a friends that really needs it).

I’ll leave the Raffle open until July 15th and then let a random number generator decide the winners.

Please help spread the word, I’d love to be able to help my friend take some well-deserved holidays this summer !

Thanks in advance !! 🙂

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  1. Katie O Reply

    I’d love to help out. Wish I had friends like you when i was struggling. She is lucky to have you as a friend. Glad to make a contribution. jetgirl1313(aka. Katie O or flygirl_1313 at yahoo dot com)

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