Too busy spinning to post ! :-P

Sorry that I was so quiet all week, I’ve just been spinning every chance I had and was always feeling I’d post .. you know, right after this skein so I can show it off ! 😛

I won’t bore you with the details (available on Flickr or Ravelry), but most of those are spun from hand-dyed roving, exept the top bulkier one in the second pic. My latest hank is the rust-and-yellow one in the middle of the second pic. Getting much more even and less bulky (I’m probably around a worsted weight on this one) so each new endeavour is exciting as I see that I’m making progress. The yardage keeps being VERY frustrating though (always under 30 m). I’m hoping it would be better on a wheel. Fingers crossed that I can make mine work on wednesday when I go and visit my parents.. 😛

My friend Jette also caught the spinnign bug last thursday during our SnB session.. HaHa, so glad I won’t be the only one spinning around Annecy ! 😛 It will be nice to share tips … and order fiber together to share the shipping costs ! 🙂 You can even see a (sideways) video of her here.

And apart from all this spinning.. yes I’ve been crocheting, mostly on my Dancing Poppies stole which progresses steadily. And also on my little elfin kiddie hoodie. Nothing picture worthy though, so we’ll do that next time. Okay, and now I’ll try to work some on my sizing of the Violaine..

Have a great week !

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