Roselette update and Crochet “fancy” lariat !

The final version of the pattern for the Roselette top is now available ! I’ve sent the revised pdf to all the people who bought the pre-release version, please contact me if you didn’t get yours !

Look at those uber-cute piccies of her Roselette blogless Silver sent me: I can’t wait to add them in the Gallery. That doll is amazing !! 😀 (more on the Gallery to come soon btw, with freebies involved !!)

She made it a little bit longer to use as a dress. And would you guess this is only her “practise” Roselette, before she receives the beautiful yarns she’s waiting for.. Can’t wait for more.. 🙂

After working on it for a couple months I have finished my second take on that “fancy scarf” yesterday. I had set it aside lately, the bag I use with ALL my different yarns is just too huge…

I like it… It’s in my Etsy store, along with tons of new stuff.

We had a lovely night the other day at Emily’s place for our latest SnB. For once I’ll share a photo… 🙂

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