Wips, mostly

Nothing major this week, just several WIPs .. I’ve been working on some stuff on the site, like cleaning up my links (incl. some cool ones for vintage patterns.. Yum!).
Plus finally made a pdf and nicer looking shematic for the Lacanau sandals … (Should be featured in the Craft Pattern Podcast sometime around march).

Found this cool site the other day, Picnik. Played with some pics of my latest booties … and ended up really liking the 3rd one ! Which reminds me btw : this is one frustrating thing on Etsy. This particular listing has a comparatively high number of views, making me think maybe someone linked to it… And yet I have absolutely no way to know… Frustrating.

Started crocheting little booties I’ve had in my “plans” for a while. Same colours and yarn as the Nia babyset. Can you see Prune’s contribution to my notes..? And yet more Mittenettes. Experimenting double strand this time with leftover handspun Merino and yellow Phildar “Aurore”. Makes them quite different from the first ones, and nice. I still need to decide on yarn for a pair for myself though..!

I’ve also added a few rows to my pink Malabrigo cardi. I kinda stopped there though because I’m not too sure whether the top motifs is right or if I should make it more reversed/random .. We’ll see.

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  1. Crystal Reply

    I think it’s looking really beautiful. I can’t wait to see it finished. And the booties are so adorable.

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