I’m famous !!

Want to read my interview on Craftzine.com..?!! Ha Ha, my first ever interview, can you tell I’m excited ? 😀

We came back yesterday night from our (extended) week away, and Yes, we were lucky: it snowed !! I got to try my brand new telemark shoes (yeah !!), did some nordic ski in the super quiet forest with beautiful wiews on all the mountains around, we lost our way with laurent on a hike and had to go down the same way … but there was gorgeous fresh powder snow, it was pretty good..!

And I took Prune up the Gondola !! We even skied all the way down… Not that she can turn and stop yet, but she does know how to go straight down very well… and very fast too !!! 😛 Just behind us on the pic is the Mont Blanc, France’s highest peak..

I’ve also knit a bit. Ended up with 4 more pairs of Mittenettes. Need to finalize the editing on it and I’ll release the pattern for them too, with numbers for both yarns, giving a larger range of yarn options. I’ve got a couple “knitting kits” for them… 😛

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  1. knitting ajour Reply

    Will be reading the Craftzine soon, love you Mittenettes (esp. the rainbow coloured one) and those snow pic\’s… Its so nice to be in the mountains!

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