So I’m a bit late on my “blogging-schedule” this week.. Sorry ;-P Fact is I’ve been listing TONS of stuff on Ebay (all in french.. & don’t go unless you want cheap crap!) and that took most of my time ! Plus we had visits and stuff..

I’ve added new booties and assorted hats on Etsy… Still planning on making little jackets, that should be cute too. Laurent says “and you really think you can sell those ?”. Don’t know, but they’re fun to make, and I’ll have baby gifts already made if not..
(2 babies planned for march already..)

I’ve received the 2 vintage knitting/crochet books I won on Ebay. First one is dated 1932, and second one was estimated 50s/60s by the seller.. But by the looks of the illustrations/models, it looks earlier than that to me.. Plus one of the pattern is the same as in the ’32 book ! I’m just so happy! I’d even want to actually make some of them !! 😛

Little progress on the pink Malabrigo, nothing picure worthy yet. And I really have to finish at least the body of the SKB. But I knit on it while watching tv and I haven’t watched any lately ! ;-P

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