Done: Pattern for the Vroomies !

The pattern for the Vroomies in now up for sale, check it out There !

Or … buy several patterns and save with The Packs !! Yet more new pics added in the Gallery as well.

I’ve received lots of goodies lately. Some Kureyon that I’ll hopefully turn into something fantastic as it deserves. And this beautiful collage from Jenniferkerr at Etsy. I’m in love! Just need to find the right framing now …

And what about this very RED mohair you’ll ask ? Dyed it the other day. Was orange, a yuck orange. Dyed it with powder food colouring, and guess what ? Prune got the little dye container and spilled half on the ground, ARGHH !!! Any social worker coming in the next minutes would have had a heart attack, red all over the place and on her face and hands !!!!! 😛

1 thought on “Done: Pattern for the Vroomies !

  1. abe/hap Reply

    Hi Sylvie, I finally went and checked our mail box today, a lot of bills and a package from France. Thankyou for the ladybug stitchmarkers they are adorable, I put a pic of them on my blog. Cheers 🙂

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