A little Pink and a little Red …

Been knitting more on the SKB this week, I’m now about half way thru the hips shaping. Picture coming hopefully very soon…! 😛
The pink Malabrigo has only gained a couple rows though. Ha, can’t do it all at once !

I’ve listed 2 new pairs of Wee Booties on Etsy this week as well. I’d like to go to the fabric store and see if they have other colours to make yet more different ones ..

And I thought I was going to show you my new pair of glasses (red !!), they’re so cool ! But the lady called, her mother passed away so she’s closing shop for a week. My glasses will wait.

4 thoughts on “A little Pink and a little Red …

  1. abe/hap Reply

    Loving the boots Sylvie :)Prune is so lucky to have a mum to make her cool stuff. also loving the “dunny roll” men 🙂

  2. Morgan Reply

    Those are so sweet and tiny!! I’ve been trying my hand at baby clothes lately-crocheted jackets and dresses-but felt is such a cute baby fabric! Wow!

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